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One major objective of CENTURI is to involve engineers in the experimental and conceptual challenges of systems biology, while developing industrial partnerships.

The Multi-Engineering Platform CENTURI (UAR 2027 - US 60) has been created to provide additional expertise in image processing, bioinformatics, machine learning & data analysis, software development and mechatronics. Our engineers are here to help and advise the scientific community in their daily research questions and/or participate in longer term projects. By organising events and connecting different CENTURI labs, the platform hopes to build a strong cooperative spirit and facilitate the dissemination of information between the teams and the platform.

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You have an engineering question or an issue that you canno’t solve with your platform: meet us at the open desk or contact us directly.

One of our engineers will be assigned to you and will guide you through our request management process.

We strongly encourage you to contact us as early as possible during the project. We can advise you on the acquisition of experimental data in order to facilitate future analyses.


We can also help you recruit and supervise an engineer working in your team and dedicated entirely to your projects.

Please contact us for more information.

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CENTURI Summer School 2023 | From data to biology and back

The engineers participated in the Centuri Summer School 2023 held from June 19 to 30 at Luminy.

CENTURI Engineering | Introduction to biological data analysis courses

The engineers participated in the training “Introduction to biological data” held March 27-29 in the LIS.

CENTURI Engineering | Meeting of engineers with the RUE (Rapprochement Université Entreprise)


The Engineers presented the platform and their activities to the RUE (Rapprochement Université Entreprise) to talk about future interesting partnerships for the companies accompanied by this device.

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You can now join our CENTURI multi-engineering platform Slack account to discuss with us and with the CENTURI community :

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