The next generation of life scientists will be at the interface between biology, physics, mathematics and computer science. To prepare students for this transition, CENTURI is setting up interdisciplinary Masters and Doctorate level training programs.

In this context, CENTURI proposes to create a Graduate School and to set up training programs at both Masters and PhD levels.

Students are recruited by members of CENTURI's partner institutes and will participate in interdisciplinary projects. The training community is formed by a large group of mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists and biologists working in synergy.





To promote interdisciplinary links between Physics, Engineering, Computational sciences and Biology at the Masters level, we are proud to introduce two new Master's programs : MSc in Physics of Complex Systems and MSc in Computational & Mathematical Biology. We believe that a strong disciplinary background in formal sciences is nowadays crucial to undertake the challenge of modelling living systems. Thus, we aim at attracting new students in physics, maths and computer sciences. We will reinforce their knowledge and skills in their specific field while drawing them to biology through dedicated courses within their disciplinary training.


CENTURI has its own PhD program and grants several annual fellowships for talented and highly motivated students interested in interdisciplinary approaches to decipher biological processes.

Students with a background in biology, physics, engineering, applied mathematics or computer sciences, are highly encouraged to apply.

The PhD program includes specific interdisciplinary trainings and personal mentorship in a network spirit. CENTURI PhD students also have the opportunity to attend to our seminars as well as the scientific meetings organised by the institute.

CENTURI Tutored seminars


CENTURI Tutored seminars are meetings between CENTURI seminars' speakers and students from our community (M2 students, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows). These meetings take the form of informal discussions between the speaker and the participants and last approximately one hour.

CENTURI Training courses


CENTURI provides training courses to MSc, PhD students and postdocs. Taught by experts, the CENTURI training courses aim to provide students skills that will benefit them during their career such as optic imaging, paper writing or oral presentations.

CENTURI Summer School


The CENTURI Summer School provides an original learning experience exploring the main challenges in systems biology with interdisciplinary questioning - an  opportunity to interact with expert scientists.