Training Courses

Training Courses

CENTURI provides training courses to PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. Each training is designed to help students acquire new skills.

Through CENTURI training courses, PhD students & postdoctoral fellows learn useful knowledge in various topics such as imaging and optics, paper writing or statistics.

Courses and workshops are animated by experts. The training courses are specially designed to suit the needs of students and give them tools for their career.

Training courses

Cell biology by the Numbers

May 2 - 6, 2022

The training session "Physical biology of the cell", which will take place from May 2 to 6, 2022 is now open for registration. The course is taught by Rob Phillips, Professor at Caltech, and Soichi Hirokawa (graduate students in Rob Phillips' lab).

The course aims to  study the cell and its components using a wide variety of tools in order to make quantitative and predictive statements about cellular life.


Paper writing

Dates to be announced

This training course is designed to teach PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows how to write a scientific paper and get it published.

During this training, students learn how to plan and outline their article and how to be clear and concise. They also learn useful strategies that can be used to facilitate the publication of their article.

The course is open to PhD students (2nd & 3rd year) and Postdocs and is limited to 12 participants.


A Focus on Imaging 2022

Dates: March 7 to 11

The "A focus on imaging" training course is an introductory course to different microscopy techniques, image analysis and programming. The course is dedicated to PhD students (1st and 2nd year) willing to explore the most advanced and popular techniques used for biological applications.

By the end of the training the students should have a good understanding of basic optics and imaging techniques as well as image analysis and programming.

The course is open to PhD students (1st & 2nd year) an is limited to 18 participants.

©Agnes Baude - INMED
©Agnes Baude - INMED

Oral Communication 2021

First session: December, 6 and 13, 2021

Second session : to be announced for 2022


This 2-day training course teaches you how to create fascinating oral presentations, customized for your audience.

Students will first review the basis of oral presentation and learn methodologies to design clear talks and use them to improve their talk. On the second day, students will each apply what they have been taught on the first day by presenting their talk in ordder to benefit from individual feedback from the trainer and other trainees.

The course is dedicated in priority to PhD students (1st and 2nd year) and is limited to 8 students.