The Turing Centre deciphers the complexity and the dynamics of living systems


The Turing Centre for Living Systems (CENTURI) is an interdisciplinary centre located in Marseille (France).
CENTURI aims at developing an integrated interdisciplinary community, to decipher the complexity of biological systems through the understanding of how biological function emerges from the organisation and dynamics of living systems.
The project federates 24 teaching and research institutes in biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, engineering and focuses on Research, Education and Engineering, 3 missions that hold interdisciplinarity as their core principle.

The research and training programmes implemented under the auspices of CENTURI will foster new collaborations, transform practices, attract new talents and thereby contribute to making the Luminy campus a leading site for the ​​interdisciplinary study of biological systems in Europe.


Special CENTURI Day: success stories and new horizons for the past and the next decade

By CENTURI admin | 14 June 2024

CENTURI welcomed about 120 participants during its CENTURI Day on May 30, 2024, organised in Jardins du Pharo, Marseille. Throughout the day, 13 speakers took turns to celebrate over 10 years of efforts to build an interdisciplinary research ecosystem in life sciences in AMU. It was an exciting opportunity for our community of students, postdocs,…

A new engineer joins CENTURI

By CENTURI admin | 4 June 2024

A new engineer, Mai Han Hoang, joins the CENTURI multi-engineering platform as Image Processing & Data Analysis.

The CENTURI PhD & Postdoc Retreat – 2024

By CENTURI admin | 12 February 2024

This year’s CENTURI PhD & Postdoc Retreat took place in Embrun – it was a very good opportunity for the PhD students and Postdoc fellows to get to know each other better and have fun through various activities, from outdoor sport challenges and escape game to podcast and comic workshop. During 3 exciting days, participants could…

CENTURI’s 2024 “Focus on Imaging” Training Course Equips Participants with Comprehensive Skills

By CENTURI admin | 26 January 2024

Each year, CENTURI organises its well-known “Focus on Imaging” training course, designed to provide participants with a profound understanding of basic optics, imaging techniques, image analysis, and programming. The comprehensive course, organised from February 22-26, brought together about 15 participants from diverse scientific backgrounds, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Led by experts in the field,…

CENTURI conference and afterwork | 18 December 2023

By CENTURI admin | 19 December 2023

CENTURI welcomed about 50 participants during the scientific mediation conference given by Pierre Kerner. Known for his engaging and accessible approach to complex scientific concepts, Pierre shared his expertise on scientific mediation with a diverse audience, highlighting ways to bridge the gap between scientific experts and the general public. Following the conference, CENTURI fellows were…

CENTURI Day December 2023

By CENTURI admin | 4 December 2023

CENTURI welcomed about 100 participants during its CENTURI Day on December 1st, 2023. Throughout the day, 10 speakers took turns to talk about various subjects, such as viral predation or self-organising principles in tumors. The presentations not only showcased the advancements in individual fields but also underscored the interdisciplinary nature of modern scientific inquiry, a…

Recap of the 2023 CENTURI Scientific Meeting

By CENTURI admin | 13 November 2023

From October 16-20, CENTURI hosted the 6th annual Scientific Meeting in the scenic town of Cargèse. The event was focused on the theme of “Information networks in biological systems”, and brought together students, researchers, and postdocs from all over. Attendees enjoyed a week full of high-quality talks on a variety of topics, such as “Network-based…

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