The Turing Centre deciphers the complexity and the dynamics of living systems


The Turing Centre for Living Systems (CENTURI) is an interdisciplinary centre located in Marseille (France).
CENTURI aims at developing an integrated interdisciplinary community, to decipher the complexity of biological systems through the understanding of how biological function emerges from the organization and dynamics of living systems.
The project federates 20 teaching and research institutes in biology, physics, mathematics, computer science, engineering and focuses on ResearchEducation and Engineering, 3 missions that hold interdisciplinary as their core principle.

The research and training programmes implemented under the auspices of CENTURI will foster new collaborations, will transform practices, will attract new talents and thereby contribute to making the Luminy campus a leading site for the ​​interdisciplinary study of biological systems.


Welcoming Day for the Computational Biology & Physics of Complex Systems CENTURI Masters

By CENTURI admin | 13 September 2022

A very motivated group of people coming from various places in the world have been welcomed by Thomas Lecuit, director of the Turing Center of Living Systems and team leader of the Architecture and Plasticity of Tissues team as a Research Director at the IBDM in Marseille. CENTURI is happy to participate to the growing of new ideas and the exploring of Science by the new generations.

#MasterCMB #MasterPhysicsofComplexSystems !

CENTURI Hackathon – 2022

By CENTURI admin | 4 July 2022

The CENTURI HAckathon 2022 took place from June 24 until June 26. We were very excited to welcome all the participants and see the results of this intense competition.

CENTURI | Summer school 2022

By CENTURI admin | 23 June 2022

The CENTURI #SummerSchool 2022 has been launched this morning ! Rosa Cossart has welcomed all the participants this morning.
Excited to begin these two weeks of transfer of knowledge and deep thinking at the university of Aix Marseille at the Luminy campus.
Our engineers participate to the CENTURI Summer School 2021. You can check the link below for more informations. Link to the CENTURI Summer School 2022

Talking about MiSiC

By CENTURI admin | 25 November 2021

Tâm Mignot has given an interview for the CNRS Journal about MiSiC, the first tool capable of automatically analyzing images of bacterial biofilms found in our mouths, in hospitals or in the soil.

A look back on the 2021 CENTURI PhD/Postdoc retreat

By CENTURI admin | 25 October 2021

The CENTURI education program invited PhD students and Postdoc fellows to take part in a retreat to discuss about their works! The participants have been invited to stay at the Domaine de Mousquety, a magnificent 22-hectare park located on the banks of the Sorgue River.

New publication

By CENTURI admin | 29 September 2021

Entitled “Nucleation landscape of biomolecular condensates”, this article in Nature is the result of a collaboration between Princeton University, CNRS and Aix Marseille University. The article is signed by 1 of our CENTURI PI: Pierre Ronceray

A look back on the CENTURI Tech Transfer Day 2021

By CENTURI admin | 21 September 2021

The CENTURI Tech Transfer took place on September 16, 2021 on the Luminy campus. It gathered 40 participants at the Hexagon auditorium.

It was a great opportunity for engineers to present their work and their skills as well as start new collaborations with other members of the CENTURI community.

Agenda & Twitter


03oct13 h 30 min14 h 30 minINTERNAL SEMINAR – Julie Koenig (INMED)

10oct13 h 30 min14 h 30 minEXTERNAL SEMINAR – Ivo Sbalzarini (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics)

17oct13 h 30 min14 h 30 minEXTERNAL SEMINAR – Olivier Hamant (ENS Lyon)


14nov13 h 30 min14 h 30 minEXTERNAL SEMINAR – Michael Liebling (Idiap Research Institute)

21nov13 h 30 min14 h 30 minINTERNAL SEMINAR – Cédric Maurange (IBDM)

28nov13 h 30 min14 h 30 minEXTERNAL SEMINAR – Rut Carballido-Lopez (INRAE)


05dec13 h 30 min14 h 30 minINTERNAL SEMINAR – Hervé Rigneault (Institut Fresnel)


09jan13 h 30 min14 h 30 minEXTERNAL SEMINAR – Frauke Grauter (Heidelberg University)

16jan13 h 30 min14 h 30 minINTERNAL SEMINAR – Ede Rancz (INMED)

23jan13 h 30 min14 h 30 minEXTERNAL SEMINAR – Anastasios PavlopoulosIMBB-FoRTH)

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