CENTURI Seminars

CENTURI Seminars

CENTURI Seminars are an opportunity for students and scientists of our community to discover the works of renowned scientists.

Upcoming seminars & events


19jun13 h 30 min14 h 30 minINTERNAL SEMINAR – Florence Bansept (LCB)

26jun13 h 30 min14 h 30 min[CANCELED] EXTERNAL SEMINAR – Sophie Acton (UCL)


03jul13 h 30 min14 h 30 minEXTERNAL SEMINAR – Olivia Du Roure (PMMH)

Past seminars


  • Internal seminar: Emilie Franceschini (LMA), January 25 - Ultrasound for probing and stimulating biological cells
  • External seminar: Petra Vertes (Cambridge University), on February 1st - Systems approaches across scales and species towards unravelling the biology of mental ill-health.
  • Internal seminar: Juan Reguera (AFMB), February 8 - The physical basis of cell membrane remodelling by the Chikungunya virus
  • External seminar: Manu Prakash (Stanford University),  February 25 - Fast and furious: What we can learn from extreme limits in biological systems.
  • Internal seminar: Philippe Roudot (I2M), March 15, 2021 -  Automated pattern recognition for live cell microscopy: the cost of blind faith and how to avoid it.
  • External seminar: Virgile Viasnoff (MBI – ESPCI), March 22 – Conceptual and experimental new ways of understanding cell – cell junctions.
  • External seminar: Primoz Ziherl (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), April 12 – Surface-tension based models of epithelia
  • Internal seminar: Caroline Chaux-Moulin (I2M), April 19 - Formulation and resolution of inverse problems in signal and image processing
  • Internal seminar: Pierre Ronceray (CPT), May 3 - Elastically limited liquid-liquid phase separation inside cells
  • Internal seminar: Thomas Lecuit (IBDM), May 17 - On the nature of morphogenetic information
  • Internal seminar: Léo Guignard (LIS), June 21 - Quantifying embryogenesis and its reproducibility across scales


  • Internal seminar: Bianca Habermann (IBDM, Marseille, France), January 13 - Exploring mitochondrial expression dynamics in a user-friendly and visual way using the mitoXplorer web-platform
  • External seminar: Carsten Grashoff (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany), January 20 - Piconewton-sensitive biosensors to investigate adhesion mechanics in cells
  • External seminar: Anne Ferguson Smith (University of Cambridge, UK), February 03 - Epigenetic inheritance in mammals - models and mechanisms
  • External seminar: Chloé-Agathe Azencott (Mines Paris Tech, France), March 09 - Network-guided biomarker discovery
  • Internal seminar: Rosa Cossart (INMED, Marseille, France), December 16 - How development shapes memory circuits
  • External seminar: Ana Smith (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen, Germany), April 06 
  • External seminar: Matt Nolan (University of Edinburgh, Scottland), May 18 
  • Internal seminar: Benoit Ballester (TAGC, Marseille, France), June 29 
  • External seminar: Raluca Eftimie (Dundee University), September 7 - Using mathematical models to generate new immunological hypotheses: an investigation of immunotherapies for cancer
  • Internal seminar: Christophe Eloy (IRPHE), September 14, Tree Shapes
  • External seminar: Lisa Manning (Syracuse University), September 30 - Predicting interactions between cell collectives and their environment
  • External seminar: Kristian Franze (Cambridge), October 12 – webinar - The physical regulation of axon development and regeneration
  • Internal seminar: Elisabeth Rémy (I2M), October 19 - Logical modelling of biological networks
  • Internal seminar: Alain Barrat (CPT), November 9 - Finding structures and timescales in temporal graphs
  • Internal seminar : Réjane Rua (CIML), November 16 - Role of meningeal immune responses in neurocognition and neuroinflammation
  • External seminar: Claude Loverdo (ENS Paris, France),  December 7 - Interactions of antibodies and bacteria in the digestive tract
  • Internal seminar: Rosa Cossart (INMED), December 14 - How development shapes memory circuits



  • External seminar: Marcelo Nollmann (CBS Montpellier, France), January 14 - Imaging nuclear organisation at the nanoscale
  • Internal seminar: Sophie Brasselet (Institut Fresnel), January 28 - Structural imaging in cells and tissues by polarized fluorescence and nonlinear microscopy
  • External seminar: Vincent Calvez (ENS Lyon, France), February 4 - Mesoscopic models for propagation in biology
  • Internal seminar: Matthias Merkel (CPT), February 25 - Self-organization and collective effects in living systems
  • External seminar: Ulrike Feudel (Carl von Ossietzky Universität, Odenburg, Allemagne), March 4 - Concepts of dynamical systems theory in environmental science
  • Internal seminar: Paul Villoutreix (LIS), March 18 - From large image datasets to scientific insights in Developmental biology
  • External seminar: Arezki Boudaoud (ENS Lyon, France), April 1st - Variability and robustness in morphogenesis
  • Internal seminar: Jean-François Rupprecht (CPT), April 15 - Fluctuations in active viscous system: from the cell cortex to tissues
  • External seminar: Claire Wyart (ICM, Paris), April 29 - Investigation of interoceptive sensory pathways involved in physiology of the spinal cord and organogenesis
  • External seminar: Georges Debregas (UPMC, France), May 13 - Whole-brain imaging in zebrafish larva reveals neural mechanisms underlying phototaxis
  • Internal seminar: : Fanny Mann (IBDM), May 27- Neural plasticity in cancer: for better or for worse?
  • Internal seminar: : Herve Rouault (CPT - INMED), June 17 - Brain representations of spatial environments
  • External seminar: Atef Asnacios (Université Paris Diderot, France), June, 24 - Interplay between single-cell mechanics and functions
  • Internal seminar: Cécile Capponi (LIS), July 9 - An humble testament of the couple bio/Machine learning research: when a variety meets another variety
  • Internal seminar: Kheya Sengupta (CINAM), September 9 - Physics of cell adhesion: from model membranes to T-cells
  • External seminar: Michael Way (Francis Crick Institute, Royaume-Uni), September 16 - New levels of complexity in actin polymerization
  • External seminar: Alain Goriely (Oxford University, Royaume-Uni), October 14 - Modelling Dementia
  • External seminar: Raymond Goldstein (University of Cambridge, Royaume-Uni), November 4 - Upside-Down and Inside-Out: The Biomechanics of Cell Sheet Folding
  • External seminar: Marie Doumic (Inria, Paris, France) & Wei-Feng Xue (University of Kent, Royaume-Uni), November 18 - The Division of Amyloid Fibrils – Theory, Experiments and Predictions
  • Internal seminar: Philippe Pierre (CIML), November 25 – Translating Immunity
  • External seminar: Patrick Tabeling (ESPCI, France), December 9 - Microfluidics, droplets, foams, photonics, cell culture
  • External seminar: Carl-Philip Heisenberg (Institute of Science and Technology, Autriche), December 16 - Mechanosensation of tight junctions by ZO-1 phase separation and flow


  • External seminar: Ralf Jungmann (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried), January 22 - Super-resolution microscopy with DNA molecules
  • External seminar: Grégory Giannone (Interdisciplinary Institute for Neurosciences, Bordeaux), February 5 - Spatiotemporal and mechanical regulation of actin and integrin at the nanoscale
  • External seminar: Anne Siegel (IRISA, Rennes), February 19 - Reasoning over biological systems with large-scale and incomplete data
  • Internal seminar: Tâm Mignot (LCB), March 12 - Linking single cell behaviors to the formation of multicellular patterns: a “google earth” approach in the social bacterium Myxococcus xanthus 
  • External seminar: Alexander Bershadsky (MBI, Weizmann Institute of Science), April 12 - The cytoskeleton as a composite smart chiral material
  • External seminar: Alain Destexhe (CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette), June 25 - Propagating waves and their collision in visual cortex
  • External seminar: Pavel Tomančák (Max Planck Institute – Dresden, Germany), September 10 - A new force awakens: comparative approach to tissue morphogenesis in insects
  • External seminar: Michael Hiller (Max Planck Institute – Dresden, Germany), September 24 - Linking phenotypic differences between species to differences in genes and cis-regulatory elements.
  • External seminar: Benno Schwikowski (Institut Pasteur – Paris, France), October 15 - Novel, interpretable, machine learning approaches for discovery in genome-scale datasets
  • Internal seminar: Jérôme Epsztein (INMED, Marseille), October 29 - Dynamic control of hippocampal spatial coding resolution by local visual cues
  • External seminar: Robert Phillips (Caltech, Pasadena, United States), November 5 - Musings on Biology’s Greatest Model and the Second Secret of Life: a talk on Allostery
  • External seminar: Eric Goles (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Santiago, Chile), November 19 - Threshold networks: dynamics and applications
  • Internal seminar: Anais Baudot (Marseille Medical genetics), December 10 - Mining networks to study rare and common diseases
  • External seminar: Jean-Marc Allain (École polytechnique, Palaiseau, France), December 10 - Multiscale mechanics of soft tissues


  • External seminar: Stanislas Dehaene (College de France – CEA), April - Reading in the brain – how literacy affects brain organization
  • External seminar: Fred Chang (UCSD), May -Morphogenesis of the Fission Yeast Cell
  • External seminar: Guy Theraulaz (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse), June – Modeling three-dimensional stigmergic constuction in ant colonies
  • Internal seminar: Florence Hubert (I2M), September - Mathematics and biology : two examples of collaborations/interactions in oncology
  • External seminar: Edwin Munro (Center for Cell Dynamics, Chicago, USA), October - Dynamical basis for selforganizing cortical polarity in early C. elegans embryos
  • Internal seminar: Annie Viallat (CINAM), October : Two examples of active biofluids: red blood cells through splenic slits and mucociliary clearance
  • Internal seminar: Pierre-François Lenne (IBDM), November : From cell surfaces to the embryo and back
  • Internal seminar: Jonathan Ewbank (CIML), November - Intrinsic interdisciplinarity?
  • External seminar: Raphaël Voituriez (UPMC), December - Actin flows in cell migration: from locomotion to trajectories