Fabrice Dessolis (CENTURI Multi-engineering platform)

Mechatronics Engineer

His background

July 2023 – Present | Mechatronics engineer - CENTURI mutli-engineering platform, Aix-Marseille Université

2022 - 2023 | Project Engineer in Mechanical Design, CNRS - Marseille, France

2019-2020 | Industrial product designer, SERES Technologies - Marseille, France

2016-2018 | Industrial product designer, European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) - Geneva, Switzerland

2014-2015 | BA in Design and Digital Chain, Lyon 1 University - Lyon, France

2010 - 2013 | BTS Industrial product design, Jean-Perrin highschool - Marseille, France

I studied mechanical design in Lyon, focusing on the use of CAD to design mechanical parts and systems, chose the right material for the right application, dimension components with finite-element simulations, and solve kinematics and dynamics problems.

After getting my degree, I did a fellowship at CERN where I helped design a new generation of septum magnets to be installed in the firsts accelerators stages.

Back in Marseille I joined LP3, a lab specializing in lasers and optics. I learned conventional type machining (turning, milling, drilling), electronic design and manufacturing, and programming (C++ for microcontrollers and Python to design GUIs and control instruments (motors, cameras, sensors, etc.)).


As a mechatronics engineer within Centuri, I can help you with your projects by either doing a full project design, or by giving advice on design choices, materials, manufacturing processes, and so on.

I can also provide training on the use of machines (3D printers, cutting and engraving machines), the use of CAD to make your own designs (Solidworks, Catia, TopSolid, Siemens NX, FreeCad), and the use of microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry pi).


Keywords :

Mechanics : CAD design, manufacturing, materials, 3D printing

Electronics : CAD design, PCB soldering, microcontrollers

Programming : Python, C++ (GUI design, hardware control, automation)