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How to submit a project

If you have been invited to submit a project please download and fill the following template.

We strongly encourage you to interact and submit a first draft to your associated CENTURI engineer before completing the form. Once submitted, your project will be evaluated by the Tech Transfer Committee, which meets on a monthly basis. If your application is approved, your project will be included in the platform projects and an engineer of the platform will work with you on your project as soon as he is available.

Project submission

  • Personal information

  • Current situation

  • Public project information

  • Briefly describe the scientific background.
  • Briefly describe the type of data and the required analysis, tools or services.
  • Confidential project information

  • If requested, please provide a more complete description of your project, focusing on the technical aspects.
  • Terms and conditions

    Our services are free of charge.

    CENTURI engineers share resources and expertise with your institution's technical staff, please inform us if you engaged with them or anyone else on the same topic, or do so in the future.

    CENTURI engineers can refuse/withdraw from a project if data quality or integrity requirements are not met.

    CENTURI engineers who collaborated to produce significant tools/analysis/services should be listed as co-author and be consulted before any publication arising from the project.

    Please acknowledge CENTURI and the multi-engineering platform in your publications, talks and seminars to promote our visibility:
    Multi-Engineering Platform, Turing Center for Living Systems, Marseille, France.

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