CENTURI Summer School 2023 | From data to biology and back

CENTURI Summer School build bridges between scientists and engineers, allowing them to meet, exchange and work together on interdisciplinary projects.

In this context, the engineers participated in this Summer School held from June 19 to 30 at Luminy.

  • Stefania Sarno and Thomas Vannier covered the hands-on workshop – track Machine learning and data analysis. The first part of the workshop cover basic supervised learning algorithms for classification (SVM, Random Forest, K-nearest neighbors) and apply them to a simple dataset. In the second part of the course, the FAIR data principles (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) were introduced and student saw how to build a pipeline that allows full reproducibility of your analyses.
  • Thomas Boudier and Mathias Lechelon offered students a concrete biological data analysis project. They guided and supported students to solve the projects’ biological questions, using biological data analysis. This year, participants had to answer the question “How does a biological organism reacts to different temperature and light conditions?”. To achieve this, they performed data acquisition with the open source project OpenLabFrame. The model organism was the «blob». The first part of this project consisted in modifying the device for an adapted acquisition based on the model organism. The second part of the project will consisted in developing a protocol to automate the change of heat and light conditions and synchronize these changes with data acquisition. This part was done in Python. Finally, the third part focused on the analysis of the dynamic of the acquired images. This part was done in Python.

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