Thomas Boudier (CENTURI Multi-engineering platform)

BioImage Informatics Data analyst

His background

September 2021 – Present | BioImage Informatics research engineer - CENTURI mutli-engineering platform, Aix-Marseille Université

2020 - 2021 | Associate Professor, Integrative Biology, Imaging Facility, Sorbonne University (previously UPMC), Paris

2019 - 2020 | Visiting Scholar, Academia Sinica, Institute of Molecular Biology, Taipei, Taiwan

2018 - 2019 | Senior Research Officer, Walter &Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Centre for Dynamic Imaging, Melbourne, Australia

2014 - 2017 | Principal Investigator, Image and Pervasive Access Lab and BioInformatics, Institute (BII), Imaging Division, Singapore

2007 - 2013 | Associate Professor and Group leader, University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Integrative Biology, BioImage analysis group, Paris

2003 - 2006 | Assistant Professor, Curie Institute, Integrative Imaging Lab, Paris

1999 - 2003 | Assistant Professor, UPMC, BioImaging Lab, Paris


I have a long experience of almost 20 years in image processing and image analysis. Over the years I have developped many tools to automate and perform advanced image analysis, especially for multi-dimensionnal data (see my past development here). As part of the CENTURI engineering platform I will be happy to share and transfert my knowledge within the CENTURI community.

I will focus, along with Benoit Dehapiot, on providing advice and support on the different aspects on imge analysis (noise reduction, segmentation, deep-learning, analysis) and organizing courses on image and data analysis for the CENTURI community: PhD students, postdocs, researchers.

I will be particularly interested in data integration, bringing together single cell data, images and analysis in an automated system. For that, I will rely on the OMERO infrastructure that allows a reliable way of storing, sharing, archiving and organizing image data.