Mai Han Hoang

Image Processing and Data Analysis

Her background

May 2024 - present | Research Engineer in Image Processing and Data Analysis, CENTURI
Multi-Engineering Platform, Aix-Marseille University, (Marseille, France)

January 2024 - May 2024 | Data Science Intern at QuantActions, (Zurich, Switzerland)

2022 - 2023 | Student Researcher at AIRAmed, (Tübingen, Germany)

2019 - 2022 | MSc in Neural Information Processing, University Tübingen, (Tübingen, Germany)

2014-2018 | BSc in Engineering Science, Technical University Munich, (Munich, Germany)

I received my Master’s degree in Neural Information Processing, where I specialized in medical image processing and analysis. During my Master’s internship, I processed MRI data from patients with Alzheimer’s disease and optimized the image processing pipeline. For my thesis, I trained a multi-task machine learning model with MRI data to predict the brain age of children to characterize deviant brain development.

During my Master’s, I started working as a student researcher at a start-up that uses artificial intelligence to analyze MRI data. I trained a generative diffusion model to improve the image quality. In January 2024, I started a data science internship at another start-up in Zurich, where I worked with time series and tappigraphy data.

As a research engineer in image processing and data analysis at CENTURI, I can assist you in exploring machine learning and deep learning methods to analyze your data or automatize image processing tasks.

I look forward to working with researchers from different fields on new projects.

Keywords: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Processing, Data Analysis, Generative Diffusion Models