CENTURI Internal newsletter #22

September 2020


PI call 2020 | Update on the call

As mentioned in our last newsletter, 4 PI candidates have been invited to visit us in Marseille, to discuss their application. 3 of the candidates have already accepted our offer:

  • Leo Guignard
  • Pierre Ronceray
  • Philippe Roudot


Juliane Liepe visited the campus earlier this month and will soon give us her answer.

Candidates now have to go through Aix-Marseille University recruitment procedures for new researchers. The new PIs will join us on the Luminy campus between January and June 2021.

CENTURI Tech transfer call 2020

CENTURI is launching its 2020 Call for Technology Development & Transfer!

The call aims to promote the development of cutting-edge experimental set-ups and softwares of general interest to our CENTURI community.

Selected projects will benefit from dedicated funding (up to 150 k€ in total of investment budget) as well as the technical support of CENTURI multi-engineering platform. More info about the call are available in the enclosed PDF.

To apply, please fill the enclosed template and send it to our multi-engineering platform: engineering@centuri-livingsystems.org

Deadline: September 30, 2020


CENTURI Career Meetings

CENTURI will be organizing from September 2020 a new monthly event for its PhD students and postdoctoral fellows, namely Career meetings. These meetings are aimed at presenting different career perspectives and career paths than academia to young researchers, especially industry and entrepreneurship. It is also meant to encourage participants to think about their career wishes from the start of their PhD.

During these events, guests will present (in English) their career paths, how they reached their current position, the assets and limitations of their field, etc. CENTURI will try to invite entrepreneurs in the field of life sciences and start-up creation.  The meetings themselves will consist of an informal interactive presentation and free discussion.

Our first guest will be Vincent Fert, Co-founder and CEO of HalioDx, an immuno-oncology diagnostic company with more than 80 employees.  The first career breakfast will take place on September 15, at 08.30 a.m.

CENTURI PhD / Postdoc day postponed

CENTURI PhD / Postdoc day, scheduled on September 24, will be postponed in 2021. The organisation committee believes that the restrictions for the organization of events will not allow us to fulfil the initial objectives of our event, i.e. to gather our community in a convivial event and to encourage interactions and discussions between participants.

We hope to reschedule the event early in 2021 and we will  let you know the new date as soon as possible.

Physics of Living Matter 15 | Register until September 21

The 15th edition of Physics of Living Matter symposium, co-organised by CENTURI & Cambridge, will take place online as a free webinar.

Members of our community are welcome to join us during this 2-day symposium by registering online at the following address: https://centuri-livingsystems.org/registration-plm15

Registration deadline: September 21, 2020

CENTURI Seminar Series | Christophe Eloy (IRPHE)

The first internal seminar of the 2020-2021 season of our CENTURI seminar series will take place on September 14, 2020 and will be given by Christophe Eloy (IRPHE). The seminar is entitled "Tree Shapes" and will take place in the Hexagone auditorium and will also be available online via Zoom. A link to the webinar is available in the mail sent to our community.

Due to the current AMU regulation regarding the organization of events, access to the Hexagone’s auditorium has been restricted to a maximum of 52 people. Therefore, we kindly ask those who wish to attend the meeting at the Hexagone auditorium to register online via the following link: https://centuri-livingsystems.org/registration-centuri-seminar-c-eloy/

If you wish to follow the seminar via Zoom, you do not need to register beforehand.

For those who will attend the seminar, we will kindly ask you to respect the barrier measures (wear a mask, wash your hands, etc.).


CENTURI recruits a neuroscientist – neuroscience data processing

CENTURI is seeking a highly-motivated research engineers to fill the position of data neuroscientist – neuroscience data processing.

This position (see description by clicking on the button below) will be a central points of data analysis, data sharing and code sharing for our research community. This engineer is expected to join our multi-engineering platform in the fall or early 2021.

Deadline for application: until the vacancy is filled.
Gross monthly salary: between € 1,870 and € 3,500 (depending on profile and experience).
Contract: 2-year contract (renewable)
Please share this job profile with your professional network!


CENTURI would like to congratulate Mathias Merkel (CENTURI PI) for obtaining a CNRS position! Matthias is now the 3rd CENTURI PI to obtain a CNRS position (after Jean-François Rupprecht and Hervé Rouault).

3 other members of our CENTURI community also obtained a CNRS position, namely Clara Sidor, Sham Tlili (CENTURI postdocs) and Etienne Loiseau. Congratulations to all of them!


PUBLICATION | Active mucus–cilia hydrodynamic coupling

A new article about active mucus–cilia hydrodynamic coupling has recently been published in Nature Physics. This article is the fruit of a collaboration between AMU, CINAM, IBDM, IRMB and M2P2.

Entitlted “Active mucus–cilia hydrodynamic coupling drives self-organization of human bronchial epithelium“, this article in Nature Physics (August 10) is the result of a colaboration between 3 of our partner institute (CINAM, IBDM and M2P2), AMU and the IRMB. The article is signed by Etienne Loiseau (CINAM), Simon Gsell (M2P2), Aude Nommick (IBDM), Charline Jomard (AMU), Delphine Gras (IRMB), Pascal Chanez (AMU), Umberto D’Ortona (M2P2), Laurent Kodjabachian (IBDM), Julien Favier (M2P2) & Annie Viallat (CINAM).