Physics of Living Matter 15

Oct. 01 & 02, 2020

The event

The PLM series started 15 years ago from an interest to promote the interface between the Life and Physical Sciences in Cambridge. Over the years, PLM has grown from a local meeting to a popular international event that attracts interdisciplinary scientists from all around the world. Since 2018, a new partner has joined PLM: the Turing Centre for Living Systems (CENTURI, Aix-Marseille University, France) and the 2018 PLM symposium took place in Marseille.

© P.Recouvreux (IBDM - team Lenne)
© P.Recouvreux (IBDM - team Lenne)

Due to the current epidemics and because of the uncertainty of international flights in October, the 15th edition of the symposium Physics of Living Matter will take place as a free online webinar on October 01 & 02 2020. 

In addition to an exciting programme presented by renowned international speakers, oral presentations will be selected from the submitted abstracts.


CENTURI organisers: 

Emmanuèle Helfer
Thomas Lecuit
Pierre-François Lenne
Tâm Mignot
Hervé Rouault

Cambridge organisers

Andre Brown
Kevin Chalut
Kristian Franze
Ewa Paluch



The Scientific program

©S. Tlili (IBDM - CPT - LAI)
©S. Tlili (IBDM - CPT - LAI)

PLM15 is happy to welcome  14 invited speakers:

Bragg lecture:
Rob Phillips

Turing lecture:
Lisa Manning

Guillaume Charras
Mathieu Coppey
Thierry Emonet
Matthias Kaschube
Marie Manceau
Matthias Merkel
Mathieu Piel
Bénédicte Sanson
Germán Sumbre
Jacqueline Tabler
Sander Tans
Massimo Vergassola

The online venue

PLM15 will take place online on the Zoom platform.

An invitation link to the webinar will be sent to you before the start of our event. Registration on our website is mandatory in order to receive the invititation link.



Registrations to PLM15 are open until September  21. To register, please fill the form below.

We remind you that registration for the webinar is free, but mandatory.


Abstract submission is closed.