CENTURI Internal newsletter #23

October 2020


2021 agenda

The calendar for our 2021 PhD and postdoc calls have been determined by the Research Committee. Save the dates!


CENTURI PhD call (16 open positions)

  • Collection of proposals from CENTURI laboratories: November 16 to December 31
  • Eligibility check by the CORES: January 12
  • Call open for applications: January 14 – February 19
  • Evaluation of the applications by the PIs: February 20 – March 7
  • First meeting of the evaluation committee: between March 9 and March 11
  • Interviews of shortlisted candidates by the evaluation committee: April 20 to April 22
  • Decision from the steering committee: April 27
  • Expected decision from the candidates: May 4


CENTURI postdoc call

  • Collection of proposals from CENTURI laboratories: February 1st to March 5
  • Eligibility check by the CORES: March 9
  • Call open for applications: March 11 to April 16
  • Evaluation of the applications by the PIs: April 17 to March 1st
  • First meeting of the evaluation committee: between May 3 and May 5
  • Interviews of shortlisted candidates by the evaluation committee: June 17 and 18
  • Decision from the steering committee: June 22
  • Expected decision from the candidates: June 29

Update on CENTURI Tech transfer call

CENTURI received a total of 4 projects for its Tech Transfer and Development call. Three projects were shortlisted for a second phase of evaluation, including external experts as well as members from our community. Selected projects should be funded from Mid-November 2020.

An event to present the winning projects to the community will be organized in December.

CENTURI internship program

CENTURI 2021 internship program is open to project proposals. This internship program aims to attract engineering students from French Grandes Ecoles for a summer internship in our laboratories. It will be coupled with our Interdisciplinary Summer School (June 2021). These internships, funded by CENTURI, are expected to take place between May 2021 (at the earliest) and August 2021 (at the latest). CENTURI will fund up to 5 internships for engineering students in 2021.

Project proposals will now be submitted via CENTURI intranet. Please click on the following link to access the dedicated page, including the proposal template: https://centuri-livingsystems.org/member-area/project-centuri-call/

Project proposal’s deadline: October 16, 2021


CENTURI Career Meetings

For the first edition of our Career meeting, we had the pleasure to welcome Vincent Fert, Co-founder and CEO of HalioDx, an immuno-oncology diagnostic company with more than 80 employees. For more than an hour, he presented to participants his career path, how he created HalioDx and provided advice to the participants.

We will welcome for the October edition of these Career meetings Professor Charlie Barlat, who holds three positions:

  • Director of Operational Efficiency, SATT Sud-Est (Marseille)
  • Director of the Cité de l'Innovation et des Savoirs (Aix-Marseille)
  • President of the Belle de Mai Incubator (Marseille).


The career breakfast will take place on October 27th, at 08.30 a.m.

We wish to remind you that our Career meetings welcome guests that present (in English) their career paths, how they reached their current position, the assets and limitations of their field, etc. CENTURI will try to invite entrepreneurs in the field of life sciences and start-up creation.  The meetings themselves consist of an informal interactive presentation and free discussion.

Physics of Living Matter 15

The 15th edition of Physics of Living Matter symposium, co-organised by CENTURI & Cambridge, took place online as a free webinar.

The PLM symposium welcomed 14 renowned speakers from all around the world. 12 Oral presentations were also selected from the submitted abstracts.

More than 800 participants joined us each day, with always more than 200 attendees simultaneously connected on Zoom! Our slack channel also hosted discussions between speakers and participants, more than 400 people joined the channel to continue the Q&A sessions and exchange ideas.

PhD Welcome Day

CENTURI will organize on November 2nd an event to welcome our new PhD students. A total of 12 new PhD students will join CENTURI labs between October and November. This event will give them the opportunity:

  • To learn more about CENTURI PhD program
  • To listen to presentations of their PhD by 2nd and 3rd year PhD students
  • To present themselves their PhD projects to the audience


New engineers arriving soon

A new data analyst – bioinformatics, Muhammad ASIF, will join CENTURI on November 1st, 2020. Muhammad is currently a Senior Bioinformatician and Data manager at the Institute of Experimental Biology and Technology, Oeiras Portugal. Before that, Muhammad worked as a Bioinformatics project leader at the Competence Centre for Molecular Biology (CCMB) and at the University of Lisbon, first as PhD student and then as Research associate. Muhammad will join CENTURI multiengineering platform, where he will work as a bioinformatician (together with Thomas Vannier).

A new data neuroscientist, Stefania Sarno, will join CENTURI in the first semester of 2021. Stefania is currently a CENTURI postdoc, working in the labs of David Robbe (INMED) and Christophe Eloy (IRPHE) on a project called “Why animals learn the way they do? An experimentally driven computational approach”. She has a strong quantitative background, experience in neuroscience, and a strong interest in data processing. Her official start date as a new CENTURI engineer will be determined shortly.