CENTURI Internal newsletter #24

November 2020

CENTURI Internal newsletter #24

November 2020



Following CENTURI PI call, Aix-Marseille University has validated the recruitment of the shortlisted candidates:

  • Pierre Ronceray, who will join the CINaM in February 2021
  • Léo Guignard, who will join the Lis in June 2021
  • Philippe Roudot, who will join the I2M in January 2021.


We are very glad to welcome these young and talented researchers in our community.

2021 agenda

The calendar for our 2021 PhD and postdoc calls has been determined by the Research Committee. Save the dates!

CENTURI is collecting PhD project proposals for our 2021 call from November 16 to December 31, 2020. CENTURI will fund up to 16 PhD fellowships, to start between October and December 2021.

As usual, CENTURI is collecting interdisciplinary projects between at least two research teams, in priority from different research institutes.

CENTURI PhD call (16 open positions)

  • Collection of proposals from CENTURI laboratories: November 16 to December 31
  • Eligibility check by the CORES: January 12
  • Call open for applications: January 14 – February 19
  • Evaluation of the applications by the PIs: February 20 – March 7
  • First meeting of the evaluation committee: between March 9 and March 11
  • Interviews of shortlisted candidates by the evaluation committee: April 20 to April 22
  • Decision from the steering committee: April 27
  • Expected decision from the candidates: May 4


CENTURI postdoc call

  • Collection of proposals from CENTURI laboratories: February 1st to March 5
  • Eligibility check by the CORES: March 9
  • Call open for applications: March 11 to April 16
  • Evaluation of the applications by the PIs: April 17 to March 1st
  • First meeting of the evaluation committee: between May 3 and May 5
  • Interviews of shortlisted candidates by the evaluation committee: June 17 and 18
  • Decision from the steering committee: June 22
  • Expected decision from the candidates: June 29

CENTURI/Oxford internship program

CENTURI management team is now collecting internship proposals for our internship program with Oxford University in 2021. This program aims to welcome undergraduate students from Oxford University, for summer internships.

These internships will take place between June 21 (at the earliest) and the end of September 2021 (at the latest), for up to 12 weeks (8 weeks for students who are not in their final year). Please note that you need to clearly state whether the internship you are offering is in person, remote or flexible. Given the uncertainty of the situation, we encourage you to consider internships which can be adapted so that the intern can work remotely, if needed.

In 2021, CENTURI will only fund the accommodation of the intern in Marseille for in-person internships. Host teams will be asked to fund the intern’s stipend (around 550€ / month) for in-person internships. In case of remote internships, Oxford requires to pay the interns UK national minimum wage (current rate of £8.20 per hour for people aged 21 to 24). In this case, Oxford Internship office will see what funds are available through the internship office to make up the shortfall to UK minimum wage..

To propose a summer interdisciplinary internship for an Oxford student, please fill in the template below and e-mail it to info@centuri-livingsystems.org, by December 1st, 2020.


CENTURI Career Meetings: Eric Vivier

The 3rd CENTURI Career Meeting (our monthly event for PhD students and postdocs) will take place on November 19 at 02:00 pm, via Zoom, with Professor Eric Vivier.

Career meetings aim to give you the opportunity to discover other career perspectives and career paths than academia, while thinking about your career wishes.

Eric Vivier holds 2 positions:


This meeting will take place via Zoom. Please contact Melina De Oliveira(melina.de-oliveira@univ-amu.fr) to register to our Career Meeting.

CENTURI PhD / Postdoc Day

CENTURI PhD / Postdoc day has been rescheduled to Friday, November 20, as an online event !

This special edition of our CENTURI scientific day will promote the work of Postdocs and PhD students from our community via short talks and posters, but we wish to remind you that our event is open to everyone, regardless of their status (permanent researchers, engineers, postdocs, PhD students, etc.).

This event will take place via Zoom (link below) for the talks and via Discord for the poster session.  17 talks and 18 posters will take place during our event.


Open registration for Non-European students

CENTURI is deeply involved in 2 interdisciplinary programs: MSc in Physics of Complex Systems and MSc in Computational & Mathematical Biology.

These programs, taught by members of our community, are especially important to us as it represents our contribution to train the next generation of scientists at the interface between biology, physics, mathematics and computer science.

Our 2 Msc programs welcome students from all around the world, registrations to our MSc goes as follows:

Registration status: open

  • Students from Europe: directly register on the eCandidat platform

Registration status: not yet opened


On November 23, the heads of the CMB Master’s program will answer all the questions about the program: content, prerequisites, targeted audience, perspectives after the degree, etc. This Online Open day will take place from 09 :00 am to 06 : 30 pm (Paris time), via Slack (link below).

CMB Online Open Day: https://join.slack.com/t/cmbopenday/shared_invite/zt-iktc6y2d-x7~V_fPQca5RwgP0TTzIlQ


As usual please feel free to share the info about our 2 MSc with your network.

MSc centuri

Next CENTURI seminars

  • Internal Seminar - November 16: Rejane Rua (CIML)
    Role of meningeal immune responses in neurocognition and neuroinflammation


  • External Seminar - December 07: Claude Loverdo (ENS Paris)


  • Internal Seminar - December 14: Rosa Cossart (INMED)