Postdoctoral positions

CENTURI is recruiting up to 10 highly motivated postdoctoral fellows to work in an interdisciplinary life science environment, for a maximum of two years. .

Candidates can either apply to one of the advertised CENTURI projects (with more projects being added to our website up until November 15), or submit their own project, providing that they meet the application criteria and that their application is supported by at least one host lab.

Centuri research committee will evaluate the applications and select the candidates chosen for an interview. Interviewed candidates will be evaluated by an ad hoc committee, representing the different disciplines.

Candidates will be evaluated on the following criteria:

-  Scientific level and publications

-  Ability to work in a multidisciplinary research environment

-  Ability to work on a collaborative research project

-  Enthusiasm and communication skills

List of projects:


PDP2018-01| Muscle building: bridging molecular order to macroscopic morphogenesis

Host laboratory and collaborators: Frank Schnorrer/ IBDM / frank.schnorrer@univ-­ ; Sophie Brasselet / Institut Fresnel /


PDP2018-02| Long-range collective dynamics of cilia, mucus transport and tissue polarity in bronchial epithelium

Host laboratory and collaborators: Julien Favier / M2P2 / ; Annie Viallat / CINaM /


PD2018-03| Mechanics of gastrulation in mammals using a minimal in vitro system

Host laboratory and collaborators: Pierre-François Lenne / IBDM / ; Xavier Leoncini / CPT / ; Olivier Théodoly / LAI /

Candidates who wish to submit their own project shall send their proposal to To do so, we invite you to use the following documents (template and submission criteria).

We encourage you to contact the host laboratory to complete the template.


Deadline for project submission and application: November 30, 2018


EN2018-01 - Data analyst

The Turing Centre for Living Systems is seeking a highly motivated research engineer to fill the post of ‘leading data scientist/data analyst’, within CENTURI’s technology transfer platform. This position will be a central point of data analysis, data sharing and code sharing of our research community.


Three-year contract from the Aix-Marseille Université.

Deadline for Application: November 23, 2018

PhD Students

PhD programme 2018 applications are closed

Principal Investigators

PI 2018 applications are closed

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