A new engineer joins CENTURI

A new engineer, Mathias Lechelon, joins the CENTURI multi-engineering platform as Mechatronics specialist.

Mathias recently joined the CENTURI multi-engineering platform as a mechatronics specialist. Mathias is in charge of our fab lab, machines as well as hardware/software development of your projects.

As a research engineer in mechatronics within CENTURI multi-engineering platform, I am in charge of the workshop and the machines:

  • A 3D printer (Fused Filament Fabrication);
  • A CNC router;
  • An “electronics” lab (microcontrollers, sensors, actuators).

I will help you in hardware/software development of your projects on the following aspects:

  • Design (CAD);
  • Manufacturing (CAM, 3D printing, cutting, PCB engraving, etc.);
  • Control and automatization (microcontrollers, sensors, actuators);
  • Assembling, testing, and use of the final devices.

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