Martin Lardy

Computational Fluid Dynamics to infer embryonic tissue rheology

Team: Simon Gsell (IRPHE), Sham Tlili (IBDM)

His background

October 2023 - present | CENTURI PhD student

2021 - 2023 | Master in Applied and statistics mathematics, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 university, Lyon, France

2018 - 2021 | Bachelor of theoricals mathematics, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 university, Lyon, France

About his PhD project

I have a keen interest in applying mathematical models across various domains, such as biology, physics, and mechanics. In the past, I had the opportunity to engage in projects ranging from developing a telemetry model in agronomy at CESBIO in Toulouse, to creating a comprehensive model for the dynamic calcium behavior of Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells during my time at McGill University.
My educational journey, encompassing both my bachelor's and master's degrees, has equipped me with a diverse range of mathematical tools. I've also gained proficiency in the application of these tools to a wide array of fields, including mechanics, biology, and physiology.
My aspiration within CENTURI is to employ mathematical, mechanical, and biological models and tools to infer tissue rheology. In particular I am interested in using Physics Informed Neural Network to do inferences and simulations.