Job Offer: Bioinformatics

The Turing Centre for Living Systems (CENTURI) is a large, interdisciplinary and interactive research project at Aix-Marseille University, uniting a growing community of biologists, physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers. The aim of the project is to decipher the complexity of biological systems through the understanding of how biological function emerges from the organization and dynamics of living systems.

CENTURI is seeking a highly motivated bioinformatics engineer to fill the post of data analyst-bioinformatics, within CENTURI Multi-engineering platform. This position will be a central point of data analysis, data sharing and code sharing for our research community.

Job duties include, but are not restricted to

  • Perform on-demand bioinformatics data analysis projects in support of research programs conducted by teams of the CENTURI community. (
  • Provide advice and support to researchers concerning data analysis and data mining (such as large data analysis and integration, unsupervised/supervised learning, dimension reduction, statistics, genome analysis, etc.)
  • Have a theoretical understanding of the algorithms used for data analysis and analysis and perform independent literature search to keep abreast of appropriate methods and technologies.
  • Organize and conduct courses on bioinformatics and data analysis for the CENTURI community: PhD students, postdocs, researchers
  • Participate in the setup of an infrastructure for data sharing within the CENTURI project
  • Participate in the development and maintenance of the infrastructure of software sharing and code transfer within the CENTURI project
  • Assist in technology transfer between the teams of the CENTURI project

The types of data we currently foresee may include high-throughput sequencing data, epigenetics, transcriptomics, genomics, proteomics, metagenomics, barcoding, etc. The successful candidate will work in the Multi-engineering platform within CENTURI. Your expertise will help to shape the data sharing and analysis platform and you will be able to learn from, as well as share your knowledge within the CENTURI community.

Your qualifications / expected profile

You have a Master’s degree or a PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology or data science (University, engineering school).

You have an experience (at least 2 years) in research support or research in bioinformatics, biostatistics or biological data analysis. Experience in a service facility is strongly advantageous. Teaching experience in bioinformatics/biostatistics would be a plus. Knowledge of large-scale biological data analysis is a must.

Experience in professional software engineering and development, as well as data analysis and data sharing strategies are beneficial. Ideally, the candidate will be familiar with common programming languages Bash, Python, Java, C/C++, as well as proficient in a statistical analysis software, such as R.

You will have strong team-playing abilities and be able to interact with researchers from many fields, including biology, physics, mathematics and computer science. A friendly, outgoing personality and excellent communication skills are required, as is the ability to work independently.

The working language of CENTURI is English, but proficiency in French is beneficial.


What we offer

CENTURI offers a vibrant, highly interactive working environment with the ability to work with researchers and engineers from many disciplines. CENTURI offers a two-year contract from Aix-Marseille University (renewable). The salary will be based on Aix-Marseille University’s salary scale, with a gross monthly salary between € 2,164 and € 4,079 (depending on profile and experience).

If you are interested, please apply online at the following address:

Application deadline: August 31, 2022.

Our new data analyst – bioinformatics is expected to start from October 2022.

Applications should include:

  • A CV, including a list of publications
  • A cover letter, describing your past experience with data analysis
  • Two recommendation letters