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#3 - December 2018

CENTURI PhD call currently open for applications from research teams: submit your project before December 31!

CENTURI wishes to attract talented PhD students to the Luminy campus. To do so, CENTURI will fund up to 12 PhD fellowships to start in 2019, for three years.

PhD students will work in an interdisciplinary life science environment, and have backgrounds in any of the following fields: cell, developmental biology, immunology, neurobiology, biophysics, theoretical physics, computer science, bioinformatics, applied mathematics, engineering. PhD projects that had been pre-selected for the 2017-2018 call can be resubmitted.

PhD project applications should involve at least two research groups from different disciplines among the CENTURI partners. The rationale for having at least two partners is twofold: (i) to foster collaborations and (ii) to ensure that a student in a given discipline receives advice from a supervisor in his or her field of study (e. g. a physics student hosted in a biology team with a biologist as the primary supervisor can obtain advice from a physics supervisor).

CENTURI PhD is now open for applications from research teams! You have until December 31, 2018 to submit your projects.

CENTURI Scientific Day – An exciting interdisciplinary event

The second CENTURI Scientific day took place Friday, November 30 at the CIML.

More than one hundred members of the CENTURI community gathered to discuss about new interdisciplinary research projects and present new collaboration perspectives. 16 CENTURI scientists presented a research project open for collaboration through a short talk and 20 more presented a poster. CENTURI Scientific day was also the opportunity to present the 2018 activities of CENTURI committees and present our future projects including our Masters of Science, the CENTURI Summer School or the upcoming PhD call mentioned previously.

CENTURI PhD call will be open for application from PhD candidates from January 10, 2019.

Photo CENTURI Day - 30 novembre 2

CENTURI Tech Transfer Day - 2 projects funded by CENTURI

CENTURI Tech Transfer day took place on November 9, from 10 a.m. to 4.00 p.m., at the CIML and gathered close to 50 participants.

This day aimed to present CENTURI’ various missions and activities in the field of engineering and Tech Transfer. The CENTURI Tech Transfer day was also the opportunity to listen to the preselected projects of the Tech Transfer and Development call.

After reviewing the projects, an ad hoc evaluation committee recommended to support 2 projects:

  • PolarImaging Project - Polarization split module to access proteins conformation dynamics and organization, presented by Sophie Brasselet
  • FIP Project – Flexible multimodal Imaging Probe, presented by Hervé Rigneault


The afternoon was dedicated to the presentation of CENTURI platforms as well as short scientific presentations of early-stage engineering collaborative projects.

Postdoc call audition dates and selection procedure

CENTURI post-doc call is now closed for applications. The available postdoctoral projects have been  advertised online at this address https://centuri-livingsystems.org/recruitment/, until November 30.

The CENTURI management team received a total of 31 applications. An ad hoc evaluation preselected 18 candidates and will proceed to auditions on January 10-11, 2019. This ad hoc committee is composed of CENTURI scientitsts representing various disciplines and institutes:

- Florence Hubert (I2M)

- Loic Le Goff (Institut Fresnel)

- Pierre Szepetowski (INMED)

- Benjamin Prudhomme (IBDM)

- Thien Phong Vu Manh (CIML)

- Yoel Forterre (IUSTI)

The schedule of the selection procedure will be the following :

  • Interviews (ad hoc committee): January 10-11, 2019
  • Results of the call: January 11
  • Final answer (from candidates): January 21

Centrale’s students visit CENTURI and internships

For the second time, 20 students from Centrale Marseille came to Luminy to discover the world of research and to discuss with researchers from the CENTURI community. After a brief introduction about the content of the day and about the internship and PhD opportunities within CENTURI, students visited labs from 3 research institutes in biology: CIML, INMED, IBDM. Students also discussed with PhD students and postdocs about life in academia and the major role that engineers play in today’s research.  Interested students may decide to apply for an internship later in their curriculum.

To foster its links with engineering schools, CENTURI also opened an internship program for engineering students. To do so, CENTURI will organize in June the first edition of its summer school, “From data to biology and back”. To attract engineering students in our labs, CENTURI also proposes 3 to 6-month internships to students from the French “Grandes Ecoles”. CENTURI collected internship proposals among principal investigators and will propose these internships to engineering students. Coupled with the participation in the summer school, we believe this program is likely to attract engineering students interested in research on living systems.

The list of projects is available here: https://centuri-livingsystems.org/internships/

Next CENTURI Seminars

The CENTURI seminars take place in the Hexagone's auditorium (1.30 pm to 2.30 pm).


High-content, single-cell, spatially-resolved genome architecture in Drosophila

  • Internal Seminar - January 28: Sophie Brasselet (Institut Fresnel, Marseille, France)

Structural imaging in cells and tissues by polarized fluorescence and nonlinear microscopy



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