Special CENTURI Day: success stories and new horizons for the past and the next decade

CENTURI welcomed about 120 participants during its CENTURI Day on May 30, 2024, organised in Jardins du Pharo, Marseille. Throughout the day, 13 speakers took turns to celebrate over 10 years of efforts to build an interdisciplinary research ecosystem in life sciences in AMU. It was an exciting opportunity for our community of students, postdocs, scientists, researchers, and engineers to showcase their work, exchange ideas, and forge new collaborations.

In this context, Pierre-François Lenne, scientific director of the MEP CENTURI (UAR 2027 – US 60), presented the platform, its successes since 2019 and its future prospects.

Centred around success stories and new horizons within CENTURI, alumni, young fellows and experienced researchers presented the story of their time within the community, as well as their objectives for years to come.

This CENTURI Day edition’s round-table tackled 3 key topics of the field:

  • Future of Science with AI
  • New scientific thematic and challenges for CENTURI
  • Shaping future life at CENTURI.

This round table brought together experts from diverse fields to deliberate on the impact of AI in science and the role of the scientific community in addressing these challenges. Participants and speakers eagerly discussed and raised suggestions on how to use best these new opportunities to drive CENTURI forward.

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