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The Multi-engineering Platform did a presentation and demo/tutorial of the Single Cell analysis software called “ShiVA”, a project lead at the CIML by the CB2M (Computational Biology, Bio-statisitics and Modeling) in collaboration with the teams of Pierre Milpied and Bernard and Marie Malissen.

Presentation of ShiVA

Single-cell experiments are more and more easy to execute and produce more and more data. But exploring single-cell data requires intense and time-consuming interactions between the researcher and a skilled bioinformatician.
ShIVA allows a biologist with no bioinformatics skills to dig into the data by himself or herself, execute a complete and state-of-the-art analysis and fully explore her of his dataset to reply to the scientific questions. ShIVA offers a large panel of figures and tables to visualize and quantify the data and offers to finally export the analysis for deeper investigations with a bioinformatician.

The recording of this session is available on :

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