A new engineer joins CENTURI

A new engineer, Muhammad Asif, joins the CENTURI multi-engineering platform as Bioinformatician and Data Analyst.

Muhammad recently joined the CENTURI multi-engineering platform as bioinformatician and data analyst.

As a research engineer in bioinformatics within CENTURI multi-engineering platform, he will help you in your multi-omics analysis and data science investigation on the following aspects:

  • Multi-OMICS (genome, proteome, metabolome) data integration and dimension reduction using joint dimensionality reduction methods.
  • Making data more informative by the integration of publicly available data-sets (PPI, ontology and pathways).
  • Development or automation of analytical pipelines for bulk or singel-cell RNA seq, 16S or metagenomics.
  • Improving functional enrichment analysis of gene/protein using semantic similarity measures.
  • Assisting postdocs and principal investigators in writing research proposal of data science.
  • Designing integrative and predictive tools using machine/deep learning and multivariate methods
  • Proposing data driven strategies/solutions.
  • Enhanced visualization of data to dig deeper using multidimensional scaling.
  • Node/graph embedding of biological networks to extract non-liner associations in data.
  • Extracting knowledge for entities (e.g. genes), lacking biological information from literature using text mining.

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