Physics of Complex Systems

The CENTURI Master of Physics of Complex Systems (PCS) aims to teach biophysics to bachelor students with a background in physics. 

PCS’s courses are designed to introduce students to interdisciplinarity. Through the CENTURI Master, students will be taught important concepts to apprehend modern and fundamental biological questions.
The programme introduces and reinforces training in dynamical systems, complex fluids, complex networks and biomechanics.

Students will study and conduct projects alongside biologists, mathematicians and computer scientists. Highly motivated students will be invited to join our labs during their internships to further their experience in interdisciplinarity.

How can I join PCS ?

The Master of Physics of Complex Systems is a part of the Master of Physics at Aix-Marseille University. Students can join the first (M1) or second (M2) by sending an application through e-candidat. Applications will be reviewed by the teaching staff.

The application starts the 1st March 2018 and end the 31st May 2018.


What for ? 

The CENTURI Master of Physics of Complex Systems leads to an
Aix-Marseille University degree. With this Master degree, graduates will be well qualified to apply to our PhD programme, join international research institutes, or join in the R&D department in private companies.