Computational and Mathematical Biology

The CENTURI Master of Computational and Mathematical Biology (CMB) aims to teach systems biology to bachelor students with a background in mathematics and computer sciences. Students with a BSc in biology are requested to have already minored in either mathematics or computer science.


This Master is structured around 3 different 2-year degrees: Computer Science, Mathematics and Bioinformatics. While specialising on a major in their own field, students share courses and interdisciplinary projects.

Courses are in English.

How can I join CMB ?

Students can join the Master in the first (M1) or second (M2) year by sending an application through e-candidat. Applications will be reviewed by the teaching staff.

The application starts the 1st March and ends the 31st May 2018.


What for ? 

The CENTURI Master of Computational and Mathematical Biology leads to an Aix-Marseille University degree. With this Master degree, graduates will be well qualified to apply to the CENTURI PhD programme, join international research institutes, or join the R&D department in private companies. 



Florence Hubert (Mathematics): florence.hubert@univ-amu.fr 
Élisabeth Remy (Mathematics): elisabeth.remy@univ-amu.fr
Laurent Tichit (Computer Sciences): laurent.tichit@univ-amu.fr
Jacques van Helden (Computational Biology): jacques.van-helden@univ-amu.fr