Computational and Mathematical Biology

The CENTURI Master of Computational and Mathematical Biology (CMB) aims to teach the analysis and the modelling of complex biological systems to bachelor students with a background in mathematics and computer sciences. Students with a BSc in biology are requested to have already minored in either mathematics or computer science.


This Master is structured around 3 different 2-year degrees: Computer Science, Mathematics and Bioinformatics. While specialising on a major in their own field, students share courses and interdisciplinary projects. Independently from their major, every student will follow courses in Computer Science, Mathematics and Biology.

Courses are in English.

How can I join CMB ?

Students can join the Master in the first (M1) year or second (M2) year by sending an application through e-candidat. Applications will be reviewed by the teaching staff.


What for ?

The CENTURI Master of Computational and Mathematical Biology leads to an Aix-Marseille University degree. With this Master degree, graduates will be well qualified to apply to the CENTURI PhD programme, join international research institutes, or join the R&D department in private companies.



Computer Science Major

This major will focus on a theoretical computer science part in which students will further develop their understanding of complex natural phenomenons modelisation (dynamical systems, calculation model, etc.).

Bioinformatics Major

This major will provide courses in Biostatistics and omics data analysis.


Mathematics Major

Several courses will be available to help students specialize themselves in 2 different mathematics’ fields: continuous modelling (partial differential equations, numerical calculation) and statistics and stochastic process modelling.



Florence Hubert (Mathematics): florence.hubert@univ-amu.fr 
Élisabeth Remy (Mathematics): elisabeth.remy@univ-amu.fr
Laurent Tichit (Computer Sciences): laurent.tichit@univ-amu.fr
Jacques van Helden (Computational Biology): jacques.van-helden@univ-amu.fr