CENTURI Summer School

The CENTURI Summer School provides an original learning experience exploring the main challenges in systems biology with interdisciplinary questioning - an exciting opportunity to interact with expert scientists.

Traditionally, scientists and engineers have distinct jobs: while scientists experiment, and discover, engineers design and build...
Such distinction no longer stands today, and engineers participate in the scientific process of discovery in many ways. This is particularly true since the advent of technologies in fields such as genomics and neuroscience, that allow studying the structure, function, growth and chemistry of living systems with unprecedented resolution.

The CENTURI Summer School has been created to build bridges between scientists and engineers. Allowing them to meet, exchange and work together on interdisciplinary projects. 


A 7-day training course on the Luminy Campus to learn and experiment

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By attending the CENTURI Summer School, students actively discover interdisciplinary research.

The training is based on morning lectures and afternoon teamwork experiments.

Students discover various scientific subjects through interactive lectures. This provides them with a thorough understanding of some of the major open questions in biology and an introduction to the world of academic research. 

At the start of the training, students form groups with which they choose a data module and carry on their own experiments using state-of-the-art technology. The workgroups are mentored by seasoned scientists who provide help and advices to the students. At the end of the training, the groups present their results and get a feedback on their project.

A Summer School AND a career opportunity...

Students will be given the opportunity to apply to the CENTURI interim year programme in our labs and / or with our academic and industrial international partners. Motivated students will also be able to join CENTURI by applying for a PhD.

Who can apply ?

The CENTURI Summer School welcomes engineering, Msc and PhD students in physics, mathematics, biology and computer sciences.