CENTURI Hackathon

CENTURI Hackathon

Hacking Living systems

Joseph Aiguier CNRS research Institute

What is the CENTURI Hackhaton?

The CENTURI Hackathon is a fast-paced two-day event of coding, engineering and idea-sharing to drive innovations at the interface of Computer Science and  Life Sciences. The event is aimed at curious and creative minds interested in improving their coding skills through collaborative projects. The event is open to students, postdocs, developers and researchers.

Experts in biological and biomedical topics as well as mathematicians and non-scientific developers are encouraged to apply and lend their perspective to the project teams.

The goal of our Hackathon is to computationally unlock technological bottlenecks arising from the study of Living Systems. Our event is aimed at everyone with experience in coding and with a keen interest in problem solving in big data, computer vision or modeling. Experts in connex fields such as biology, mathematics and non-scientific developers are encouraged to apply!




Affiche Hackathon 2023

What types of projects will participants be working on ?

Projects will strive to solve key technological bottlenecks in a variety of topics, such as Data visualization and interactions, Computer vision, Data mining, Robotics & Computer assisted microscopy, Modeling, etc.


Participants will work on big data projects for living systems, with projects from academic labs in CENTURI and elsewhere.

CENTURI Hackathon will welcome a maximum of 80 participants. Applicants should have some experience with coding.

Participants will work in groups of 6-8 people on various projects  in a variety of topics:

  • Data visualization and interactions
  • Computer vision
  • Data mining
  • Robotics & Computer assisted microscopy
  • Modelling

Useful Information

The event will take place from June 14 to June 16, 2023 at the Joseph Aiguier CNRS research Institute.

CENTURI Hackathon will welcome a maximum of 80 participants. Applicants should have some experience with coding.

Each participant should bring a laptop.

CENTURI will provide meals during the event (buffet) from June 14 to June 16. CENTURI will not cover transportation costs nor additional costs. In case of financial difficulties for transportation, you may contact us at info@centuri-livingsystems.org.

Registration is free for all participants.

However, registered participants are expected to participate in the entire event (from June 14 early evening to June 16 early evening).

For informal enquiries: info@centuri-livingsystems.org


The CENTURI Hackathon will start on Friday, June 14, in the evening and end on Sunday, June 16, at the end of the afternoon.


Deadline for application: May 6, 2023