One major objective of CENTURI is to involve engineers in the experimental and conceptual challenges of systems biology, while developing industrial partnerships.

This objective resulted in the creation of CENTURI multi-engineering platform, as well as events and programmes dedicated to engineering students.

Multi-engineering and Tech Transfer platform

CENTURI multi-engineering platform has been created to provide additional expertise in bioinformatics, image processing, optics, mechatronics and software development. Our engineers are here to help and advise the CENTURI community in their daily research questions and/or participate in longer term projects.


CENTURI wished to draw the interest of students and graduates from engineering background, including the French Grandes Ecoles, to the experimental and conceptual challenges of systems biology. Each year, CENTURI organises an interdisciplinary Summer School which is coupled with an internship program.

CENTURI Summer School

The CENTURI Summer School provides an original learning experience exploring the main challenges in systems biology with interdisciplinary questioning - an opportunity to interact with expert scientists.

CENTURI internship programme

The Turing Centre for Living Systems (CENTURI) offers 3 to 6-month internships in research laboratories to highly motivated engineering students. CENTURI internship program is the opportunity for students to apply their skills in maths, physics and computer science to biological questions. The internships are funded and coupled with the CENTURI Summer School (June 15-24, 2021). Students can also apply to the summer school only.