Information networks in biological systems

Oct. 18 - Oct. 22, 2021

The event

CENTURI Conference 2021 - CSM

We are very sorry to inform of the cancellation of the CENTURI conference at the Institut d'Études Scientifiques de Cargèse, from October 18 to 22, 2021.

Unfortunately, more than half of the invited speakers will not be able to participate in the conference due to the current sanitary measures concerning international travelling.

We are currently discussing the possibilities to organize another conference of this kind in the future, we will obviously keep you informed if that is the case.

Each year, CENTURI gathers leading scientists from all over the world to tackle interdisciplinary and contemporary challenges in biology, physics, mathematics and computer science. CENTURI 2021 Scientific meeting will focus on how information networks underlie the organisation and dynamics of biological systems with examples in the fields of cell and developmental biology, neuroscience, immunology and social behaviour.

Research in the past couple of decades have shown that biological information can be encoded not only biochemically but also in the mechanics of a system. Length and time scales of a system can emerge from cross-talk between its physical and biochemical properties. Moreover, the geometry of the space in which mechano-chemical information flows is itself informative: networks of information are spatially defined, which may dictate how molecules, cells and organisms self-organise. This conference will bring together a diverse set of scientists in biology, physics and computer science to discuss these questions.

Affiche impression CSM Cargèse 2021

We believe that our conference is a unique opportunity to foster new collaborations and exchange about a wide range of topics in life sciences and we would be glad to welcome you there.

If you want to register to give a short talk or present a poster, please fill and upload the template available online during your registration.


Registration deadline: September 30,2021

Abstract submission deadline: September 7, 2021


Registration fees: 300€

Organizing committee:

Rosa Cossart (INMED)
Christophe Eloy (IRPHE)
Thomas Lecuit (IBDM)
Pierre Milpied (CIML)
Kheya Segupta (CINAM)
Olivier Théodoly (LAI)

The program

CENTURI Conference 2021 is happy to welcome 18 invited speakers in cell biology, biophysics, developmental biology, neurosciences, immunology and ethology:

  • Dmitriy Aronov (USA)
  • Alain Barrat (France)
  • Andrea Cavagna (Italy)
  • Hugues Chaté (France)
  • Laura Colgin (USA)
  • Iain Couzin (Germany)
  • Nikta Fakhrii (USA)
  • Adrienne Fairhall (USA)
  • Jay Groves (USA)
  • Kenneth Harris (England)
  • Johanna Ivaska (Finland)
  • Mor Nitzan (Israël)
  • Madan Rao (India)
  • Clément Sire (France)
  • Cécile Sykes (France)
  • Pavel Tolar (England)
  • Raphaël Voituriez (France)
  • Rafael Yuste (USA)

The programme of the meeting will be announced shortly.

The venue

CENTURI Conference 2021 will take place at the Institut d'Études Scientifiques de Cargèse (Corsica, France).


Institut d’Études Scientifiques de Cargèse

Menasina D81

20130 Cargèse



Accommodation will be provided in the Institut d’Études Scientifiques de Cargèse (IESC) and in the neighbouring village.







This event has been cancelled.