Job Offer – Microfluidics & Microengineering research engineer

CENTURI is seeking a highly motivated research engineer to fill the post of Microfluidics & Microengineering.

The  Microfluidics & Microengineering engineer dedicated to biological investigations will join CENTURI’s technology transfer platform.

Job duties include, but are not restricted to provide advice and technical support to CENTURI researchers with designing, fabricating and using microfabricated devices adapted to their biological question.

  • Assist in knowledge transfer between CENTURI teams, including fostering links between the CENTURI teams expert of in vitro experimentation and the ones expert in pure in vivo biology.
  • Master the different techniques and devices for micro and nano-fabrication accessible within the CENTURI community, and keeping up to date on recent developments in the field.
  • Have a theoretical understanding and practical know-how of techniques developed in the fields of microfluidics, micromanipulation and micropatterning for the study of single and assembly of cells.Organize and conduct courses on microfabrication for the CENTURI community: PhD students, postdocs, researchers.

Microfabrication and in vitro assays will be at the core of the project. The successful candidate will be part of CENTURI multiengineering engineering platform, which offers a highly collaborative working environment. The position will give the opportunity to develop state-of-the-art microfabrication tools while gaining knowledge on a broad range of quantitative biology subjects such as single cell mechanics, organoids self-organization, immunology and developmental biology.

Gross monthly salary: € 1,870 to € 3,500 (depending on profile and experience).

Application deadline: once the vacancy is filled.

Expected start date: from January 2021.

To appy :