A new member in the project: lead tech-transfer engineer

CENTURI is pleased to welcome Sophie Brustlein in the project. Sophie will manage the engineering platform’s department as its lead engineer. Learn a bit more about our new recruit.

From quantum optics to multiphoton microscopy…

Sophie Brustlein

After obtaining her PhD at the Femto-st institute (Besançon), Sophie first worked in nonlinear optics, and more precisely on frequencies conversion processes which result from specific light / matter interactions. These processes are used to boost weak signals (quantum optics) or to change the colour of light, as in astrophysics for light coming from distant objects such as stars (Xlim Limoges).

“My first interdisciplinary project involved physicists, biologists, engineers and private companies. We were developing a nonlinear endoscope to detect contrasts without optical staining.”  Sophie Brustlein

Sophie met H. Rigneault (Fresnel Institute) during an optical symposium in which he gave a talk about a technic using similar processes mentioned previously but applied to biological samples (multiphoton microscopy).

Interested in their research project, Sophie joined the Fresnel Institute and worked there for 3 years on a European projectShe then worked with D. Marguet at the CIML for 5 years where she was involved on PICsL imaging platform for 3 years. Sophie also worked at the CERIMED (Campus Timone) as an optical instruments developer for a year and a half.


To assess and develop technological projects…

From engineering to data science, the tech transfer platform covers various fields. In charge of pushing scientific instruments development from their proof of concept up to their broad availability to the CENTURI community, Sophie’s office welcomes CENTURI research teams’ questions and requests concerning optical engineering issues.

“Our goal is also to develop new technological projects with added values and design prototypes ready for use by CENTURI teams.” Sophie Brustlein
The office purpose is to federate and create links between teams working on similar engineering projects or capable of helping each other by sharing resources and skills. Research teams can ask the platform for support in order to find an engineering solution that might help them solve their question by helping setting up new experimental methods. The platform will work as a hub redirecting requests toward groups possessing the technical / scientific knowledge needed or toward the facilities already existing on the campus. 

The platform’s other mission is to assess the technology readiness level of current projects. This step will allow Sophie’s team to identify which devices can potentially be integrated and be made available to other CENTURI teams.

Sophie’s office is located beside the Inmed. To contact Sophie, you can send her an email at this address: sophie.brustlein@univ-amu.fr


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