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Thomas Vannier (CENTURI Multi-engineering platform)

Bioinformatics Data Analyst

His background

September 2019 - Present | Data analyst – bioinformatics (Research engineer), CENTURI Multi-engineering Platform, Aix-Marseille University (Marseille, France)

2017 - 2019 | Post-doctoral fellow in Environmental Genomics, CNRS, Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (Marseille, France)

2014 - 2017 | Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, CEA/Genoscope, Paris-Saclay University (Evry, France)

2012 - 2014 | Research Engineer in genomic data analysis, Paris-Diderot University, Research Institute of the Foundations of Computer Science (Paris, France)

2010 - 2012 | MSc degree in Bioinformatics, Paris-Diderot University (Paris, France)

2007 - 2010 | BSc degree in Life and Health Sciences, Nice-Sophia Antipolis University (Nice, France)

My master’s degree in this interdisciplinarity field that is bioinformatics gives me the know-how to analyze various data like genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes, macromolecular structures or interaction networks. I completed a Ph.D. in bioinformatics during which I studied the impact of ocean currents and physicochemical parameters on the organization of the genomic content of green algae and planktonic communities on a global scale through comparative analysis of Tara Oceans metagenomic/transcriptomic data. This transdisciplinary project has required collaboration with international laboratories and the use of High-Performance Computing Cluster for the analysis of these large scale biological data. Then, I joined the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography in Marseille as part of a two-year postdoctoral fellowship. My research project consisted in studying bacterial bioluminescence in the global ocean. To this end, I worked on the biogeographic and evolutionary analysis of bacterial luciferase by integrating metagenomic data from different large-scale marine environment sequencing projects.

As a research engineers in bioinformatics within CENTURI multi-engineering platform, I am in charge of providing advice and support to researchers concerning data analysis and data mining. Moreover, I organize and conduct courses on bioinformatics and data analysis and assist in technology transfer between the teams of the CENTURI project.


Keywords : Bioinformatics, Sequence Analysis, Environmental Genomics, (Meta)genomics, (Meta)transcriptomics, Next Generation Sequencing, Phylogenetics, De novo assembly, Microbial Single Cell, Biostatistics, Functional and structural annotation, Mapping, Genome comparison.

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