Paul Villoutreix (LIS)

Marseille Machine Learning Team (QARMA Team)


February 2019 - present | CENTURI group leader

2017 - 2018 | Postdoctoral fellow, Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)

2015 - 2017 | Postdoctoral fellow, Princeton University (USA)

2011 - 2015 | PhD, Mathematical Biology, Paris Descartes University

2010 - 2011 | MSc degree in Interdisciplinary Approaches to Life Sciences (AIV), Paris Diderot University (Paris VII - CRI)

2008 - 2011 | Supélec Engineering School Degree (MSc)


2017 |  Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards – Showcased

2017 |  Mozilla Science MiniGrant

2017 |  Princeton Project X Fund

2015 |  International Systems Biology Scholars Program – 2 years postdoc fellowship between Princeton University and the Weizmann Institute of Science

2015 |  Gordon Research Conference Stochastic physics in biology – Best poster award

2013 |  France Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies – Visiting student researcher fellowship recipient – One semester

2011 |  Complex Systems Institute 3 years PhD fellowship – Grant recipient

2011 |  Eleuthère Mascart medal – Achievement award for Supélec Diploma


Luminy campus, Marseille (France)

About his research

Embryogenesis is the process by which a single fertilized egg gives rise to a multicellular organism. This remarkable transformation involves the dynamic interplay of processes at multiple scales of biological organization, from molecular components and molecular machines, to single cells, tissues, and organs. The understanding of how an embryo forms is at the foundation of our comprehension of many fundamental processes, such as evolutionary dynamics, reproduction, tumorigenesis, or the formation of the immune system. Studies of dynamics in developing embryos are also driving the design of man-made tissues and organs and inspire the synthesis of active materials. Many open questions remain in our understanding of how the shape of multi-cellular systems emerges from and regulates molecular dynamics of gene expression within cells. Answering them requires harnessing massive microscopy imaging datasets and developing new mathematical methods designed for specific applications of developmental biology.

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