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Job Offer

Mechatronics research engineer

CENTURI is seeking a highly motivated mechatronics research engineer, to work within the CENTURI’s technology transfer platform. This position will contribute to the general interest of our research community in developing mechanical and electrical systems and solutions that are shared for various applications.

Job duties include, but are not restricted to

  • Develop mechanical and electrical solutions in the fields of optical and electronic microscopy including mechanical design / fabrication, as well as electronic design / automatization / real time control and processing using dedicated tools such as field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and drivers.
  • Adapt mechatronic solutions to novel microscopy imaging developments performed within the CENTURI project, for instance in custom optical setup addressing advanced imaging modalities such as light sheet microscopy, ultra-resolution microscopy, fast-canning imaging and endoscopy.
  • Adapt solutions to the requirement of research projects in CENTURI, in particular for dedicated electronic unit performing specific tasks such as filtering, modulation, amplification and embarked signal processing using FPGA.
  • Integrate previous and/or novel mechanical, electrical, system control developments in new hardware imaging devices, accounting for the latest innovations in the CENTURI project in the fields of biological imaging. Provide solutions to the needs of quantitative imaging, fast acquisition imaging devices and fast on-board data processing solution.
  • Communicate openly with CENTURI scientists and disseminate mechatronics solutions.
  • Help in transferring tools and skills towards research groups and platforms.


You will learn from the CENTURI scientific community, and contribute to the development of a platform for mechatronics solutions applied to the development of advanced imaging systems, available and shared among its members.

Your qualifications / expected profile

You have a Master’s degree (at least) or a PhD (preferred) in Mechanical and Electrical engineering or in Physics/Engineering/Applied Physics, with a strong interest and experience in mechatronics developments.

You have a strong experience (at least 5 years with a Master’s degree, at least three years with a PhD) in professional or research mechanical and electrical development, as well as real time computation using field-programmable gate array (FPGA) Experience in a service facility is strongly advantageous. Teaching experience would be a plus.

You are familiar with common mechanical and electrical / electronic design tools, enhanced by real time signal processing using FPGA. You are able to provide mechatronics solution to a problem and adapt to its evolution.

You will have strong team-playing abilities and be able to interact with researchers from many fields, including biology, physics, mathematics and computer science. A friendly, outgoing personality and excellent communication skills are required, as is the ability to work independently.

The working language of CENTURI is English, but proficiency in French is beneficial.

What we offer

CENTURI offers a vibrant, highly interactive working environment with the ability to work with researchers and engineers from many disciplines.

CENTURI offers a two-year contract from Aix-Marseille University. Salary will be based on Aix-Marseille University’s salary scale, with a gross monthly salary between € 2,300 and € 3,500 (depending on experience).


Applications should include:

  • A CV (including a list of publications)
  • A cover letter (describing past experience with data analysis)
  • Two recommendation letters
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