CENTURI Training Course

CENTURI provides training courses to PhD students. Each training is designed to help students acquire new skills. 

Through CENTURI training courses, PhD students learn useful knowledge in various topics such as imaging and optics, paper writing or statistics.

Courses and workshops are animated by experts. The training courses are specially designed to suit the needs of students and give them tools for their career.

Training course

Cell Biology by the Numbers

November 5 - 9 2018 | Workshop for biologists

The use of centralized, curated and quantitative data is becoming increasingly important in today’s biology. The course « Cell biology by the numbers » will highlight the key numbers which describe the lives of the cells and the necessary efforts to provide definitive statements about their value. This course, intended for biologists, will provide participants with the appropriate mathematical tools to apprehend and explore the key numbers of cell biology and many key physico-chemical processes. The course will provide key examples about sizes, concentrations, energies and key quantities that describe the living world, in both an entertaining and surprising fashion.

©Steve Gschmeissner / Photo Researchers, Inc
© Steve Gschmeissner / Photo Researchers, Inc

Rob Phillips is Professor of Biophysics, Biology and Physics at Caltech (California Institute of technology) and Head of the Physical Biology of the cell group. He works on the development of quantitative, theoretical models to describe a broad range of biological phenomena, such as the organization of the genome and gene regulation or the diversity and ecological role of viruses in their natural environments.

Griffin Chure is a biophycisist graduate student in the lab of Rob Phillips at Caltech.
He works on allosteric control in transcriptional regulation and on mechanosensitive channels.


© gchure
© gchure

A Focus on Imaging

12-13 & 16-18 April 2018

©Olivier Klein

This training is an introductory course to different microscopy techniques, dedicated to PhD students willing to explore the most advanced and popular techniques used for biological applications.
The course is being held, in Luminy, in the laboratories LAI, CIML, IBDM, Inmed. It is composed of theoretical courses on the techniques basics and principle and hands-on practical in the laboratory in small groups.

By the end of the training the students should have a good understanding of basic optics, wide field microscopy, confocal microscopy, F-techniques (FRAP), electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, dyes, detectors, single molecule imaging, super-resolution, light sheet microscopy, image processing and quantitative analysis.